Virtual tour in Fabriano (Ancona, Italy)

Rome, March 3, 2010

On this page we will go through a virtual and immersive tour in the "Fabrianese" art. This is the result of a long photo session I made some years ago in this wonderful town of the Marche region. I thank the Fabriano Mayor Mr. Roberto Sorci and Giorgio D'Ancona for their invaluable collaboration during all the work.

The photos are all in high resolution, obtained by stitching a lot of images to achieve outstanding results, in resolution and field of view. The flat images of San Venanzio Church, for example, are obtained from the stitching of 54 photos each (3 groups with different exposures of 3 rows of 6 pictures) for a 63 Mpixel image final result.
Furthermore all images have been splitted into hundreds of fragments and combined dynamically by scripts in flash, to allow loading of the only parts needed by the browser for each view, reducing the downloading time.

You can start the immersive browsing the photos in the high resolution images by clicking on those in low resolution presented below. This will open another web page where you can browse through the photos. On the bottom of the imageimage there isa menu of possible options, however, it is possible browsing and zooming also by dragging the mouse and using the scrool wheel. You can zoom up to the native full image resolution to see all the details.
If you have a nice display you can enjoy the full screen, which is obtained by clicking on the last button to the right of the menu.

Good journey!


Piazza del Comune

We start this virtual tour from the center of Fabriano, the beautiful Piazza del Comune, where you can admire the Palazzo del Comune (1350 ac., Rebuilt in 1690), the ancient home of Chiavelli, gentlemen of the city until 1435; the Palazzo del Podestà (1255) with its particular bridge, in memory of the ancient citizen river flowing beneath it, and the Sturinalto Fountain (1285)

Piazza del Comune

This is the immersive image. Clicking on it will begin our virtual tour!

Piazza del Comune Pano

Oratorio della Carità

The oratory was decorated at the end of the sixteenth century with a precious fresco cycle representing "Le Opere di Misericordia Spirituale e Corporale", realized by the Mannerist painter Filippo Bellini from Urbino. The Gothic portal stone comes from the former S.Antonio Fuori le Mura monastery. The interior was restored and reopened to the public after restoration for the 1997' earthquake, after freeing the books shelves and archive documents which filled all the interior space.

Oratorio della Carita Pano


Cappella di S.Orsola (Chiesa di S.Lucia)

A very difficult panoramic work (due to the tight space) of the St. Ursula Chapel in the Church of St. Lucia, better known as the San Domenico Church. You can admire the beautiful fresco's of the Allegretto Nuzi school.

Cappella di S.Orsola


Teatro Gentile da Fabriano

The Gentile da Fabriano Theater, reveals a horseshoe plant with four tiers of boxes and eight stage boxes obtained from pairs of Corinthian pilasters, decorated with finely carved chandeliers and independent ceiling plate. Considered one of the most beautiful and elegant italian theaters, is well known and appreciated for its unique internal structure and the excellent acoustics.

Teatro Gentila da Fabriano

And this is the link to the immersive photo :

Teatro Gentile Pano


Largo Bartolo da Sassoferrato

And now finally we are moving towards the magnificent Cathedral of St. Venanzio, placed in this little Square, close to the Piazza del Comune.

Piazza Bartolo da Sassoferrato

Cattedrale di S. Venanzio

The building dates 1046. In the foundations of what will be a wall between the Cloister and the side wall of the Church, in 1435 were buried the bodies of ten Chiavelli's (adults and children) killed inside the church during the Mass of the Ascension (May 26, 1435). The collegiate Church of S. Venanzo was erected in 1728 at Cathedral and in 1963 a Basilica, under Pope Giovanni XXIII. If preserves just the polygonal apse from the ancient shape. Inside has a Latin cross plan with a nave and little side chapels. The San Lorenzo Chapel is frescoed by Allegretto of Nuzio (1360). Other Fabriano's school frescoes of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries can be seen in other rooms of the Church. The Cathedral is an important "museum" of Mannerist and Baroque paintings. Among the most important works are the paintings of Gregorio Preti, Salvator Rosa, Giovanni Francesco Guerrieri, Giuseppe Puglia and others. The famous painter Orazio Gentileschi (Caravaggio school), is the author of the precious "Storie della Passione e della Crocifissione" paintings (1620).

The next two pictures are high-resolution images of the cathedral with 180° field of view with a resolution of about 63 Mpixels each. The first is the view from the main entrance and the second from the opposite side (from the Altar).

S.Venanzio dall'ingresso

S.Venanzio dall'altare

Now a high-resolution overview of the frescoes of the Nave above the Altar

S.Venanzio - Navata

And now finally, the highlight of this virtual tour! A 3D walk around within the Cathedral. Starting in the center, from there you can visit all corners of the church immersively and in high resolution. Just navigate toward the desired direction dragging the mouse and click on the spotlights, switching to the new view. To return to the center click on "Panoramica" menu button. This interactive panorama is made from 14 high-resolution panoramas dynamically linked to each other.

S.Venanzio Panorama Centrale

I hope you enjoyed this virtual experience. Anyway I invite to personally visit these places, because no virtual simulation can replace the feeling of being in this piece of our history and our culture.

Vincenzo Amarante